3 x 24mm Replacement Brass Outside Spout Tap Aerator with Gasket – Polished Chrome


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The aerators or aerators for taps are screwed on to the end of the spout of a tap.

This means that every time water comes out of the source, it passes through the aerator screen with many small holes on its surface, the jet of water transforms into very fine drops, resulting in a bubbly, soft water flow.

They vary in size depending on the required water flow. This saves water.

Material: Brass
Colour: silver.
Size: 24 mm.

Modern shiny chrome trim design, suitable for any decorative type of kitchen and bathroom.

✔ Multi-layer chrome plating, built against scratches, corrosion.
✔ Wear-resistant, excellent anti-rust anti-fouling properties.
✔ Switch water flow between tap and syringe.
✔ Filters, ventilates and saves water at the same time.
✔ Easy to install and easy to use, no tools required.
Box contents:
3 x tap filter insert.
3 x rubber ring pads
Economical and efficient – the jet regulator saves the amount of water flow and creates soft water flow, sufficient air bubbles to avoid splashes and damage the power of water erosion.
Easy to install – Easy to install and remove the aerator. You can use the aerator with M24 male thread for all standard M24 taps with internal thread: simply mount and start saving energy
With rubber ring pad – high-quality seal can be perfectly combined with the tap, the tap does not drip.
Wide application: tap filter insert for kitchen sink tap or sink tap, save water and avoid splashes.


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