Ast TLPC SJ/DC 7/8OD 1,5 x 8


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Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC – Details)

1–1/2 Einlass
8 Zoll Länge
3/4-Zoll (7/8 OD) Zweig
Slip Joint oder Direct Connect


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Content Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC - Details)

1–1/2 Einlass
8 Zoll Länge
3/4-Zoll (7/8 OD) Zweig
Slip Joint oder Direct Connect
Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC - Details)

304 stainless steel outer tube.
EPDM Inner Tube
Silicone gasket, prevents leakage.
Copper internal connection
Stainless steel nut

Material:304 Stainless Steel
Total length: 400mm
Hose Inner Diameter:7mm
Connection: G1/2 socket through G1/2 plug.

Box contents:
2 x Tap Connector

1. The outer tube is made of SUS304 stainless steel, rust-proof, ensuring quality and durability.
2. Inner tube made of odourless EPDM material, high pressure resistance.
3. For bathroom, toilet, sink, water heater, faucet, cold water supply.

[Material] - Outer tube is made of SUS304 stainless steel, rustproof and guarantees quality and durability.
[Easy to Use] - Easy installation, solid connection, easy to install by hand or wrench in one minute.
Note: To prevent leakage of water, wrap the thread sealing tape around the thread before connecting another hose.
[Application] - For bathroom, toilet, sink, water heater, standing faucet, hot and cold water supply.
Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC - Details)

Are you tired of constantly refilling your small soap dispenser bottle? Sontiy Upgrade Kitchen Soap Dispenser Extension Tube Kit eliminates the tedious process of refilling. Package Included:1 x extension tube, total length is 47 inch, 2 x bottle caps, 1 x non-return valve, 2 x non-punching paste hose holder. Attention: no soap dispenser pump included. With the 47" extension tube, you can store your large soap container anywhere under the sink. 2 bottle stoppers, fit most soap containers, prevent leaks and spills. No waste of soap and money. Non-return valve and anti-leak accessories Keep the soap primed at the top of the hose, so you don't have to waste time pumping. Are you ready to stop pumping and pumping to finally get soap? The hose holder can hold the pipe on the wall without messy hoses.
GOOD SUCTION - Kitchen soap dispenser replacement tube: food grade silicone soap tube for dish soap is soft and elastic, check valve makes it easy to pump out the soap. One check valve and anti-leak accessories keep soap primed on the top of the tube for a longer time
Fits most soap containers in soap dispenser tube kit: 7mm inner diameter, fits most soap dispensers and lotion dispensers. Comes with 2 different sized caps, fits most soap containers, bottle opening from 14mm to 31mm. Use the large bottle directly to skip the mess to refill.
Never fill the small bottle again: with 47 inch kitchen sink soap hose kit, use the large bottle, no need to refill small bottles. You can skip the messy process of refilling the tiny bottle, most dispensers come and no more crawling under the sink, making your life easier.
EASY TO INSTALL - You will find that our soap dispenser hose attachment is easy to install and use. It only takes a few moments to fit the hose into your soap dispenser in the kitchen sink. Perfect tube for counter soap dispensers.
INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: 2 bottle caps for all soap containers, one check valve connects two tubes, anti-leak accessories, 2 puncture-free paste hose holders and easy installation instructions English language not guaranteed). No soap dispenser pump included.
If you have any problems with the soap hose set, please contact us. Response within 24 hours until you are satisfied.
Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC - Details)

Lasco 03–4319 weiß Kunstoff-, 1–1/2 flexibel, erweiterbar, Slip Joint Erweiterung, mit Mutter und Unterlegscheibe. Weiße Kunstoff-, 1–1/2 Zoll flexibel, erweiterbar, Slip Joint Erweiterung, mit Mutter und Unterlegscheibe. weiß Kunststoff. 1–1/2 Außendurchmesser. Ablaufverbindung. Used in Küche, Waschküche, oder Waschbecken. Slip Joint Verbindung.
1–1/2 Außendurchmesser
Used in Küche, Waschküche, oder Waschbecken
Slip Joint Anschluss
Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC - Details)

Multifunctional tap aerator for kitchen and bathroom, 360 degree rotating swivel head mixing nozzles, ventilation sprays and shower sprays. Specifications:
Material: high-quality ABS engineering + alloy steel.
Size: 40 x 28 x 22 mm.
Colour: silver white.

1 x tap aerator.

[+] Made of ABS engineering + diamond electroplating process made of alloy steel, good looking and practical.
[+] The filter removes impurities and is double sealed to prevent dripping.
[+] No tools are required. Just make sure your tap corresponds to the size of the product.
Bubble tap can save 30% to 70% water, oxygen-enriched foam and splash-proof water.
It can filter out hard particles and other residues in the water and offers you a perfect washing experience.
Widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies etc. to provide you with more comfort.

Performance description:
- What we offer are 100% brand new and high quality products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.
We will do our best to meet your needs and solve your problems quickly and effectively.
Universal rotation by 360 degrees: whether for washing the bathroom or cleaning the kitchen, the tap can be rotated 360 degrees. This is very good for washing the bathroom and daily cleaning of the kitchen and accelerates your cleaning speed, e.g. B. Washing fruit or cleaning the kitchen, etc.
Easy to install: our aerator can be easily installed on the tap in the kitchen or bathroom balcony. Please check the size of the faucet carefully before you order.
Save water resources: By adjusting the flow rate of the tap to the demand, at least 20% of water resources can be saved in daily life.
High-quality material: our products are made of ABS technology + alloy steel, electroplating with crystal diamonds, look good and are practical, easy to install, rust-proof and durable and have a long service life.
Price: €30.19
(as of Mar 02,2022 17:31:33 UTC - Details)

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