Cornat Hose Clamp Wingspan 9 mm Wide Rust-Proof Stainless Steel Hose Clamp / Hose Attachment, multicolour, T308302


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Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC – Details)

Schlauchschelle Ø 16 – 25 mm (3/4″), Edelstahl, 2 Stück

High Quality
Hose clamps 3/4″ (2)


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Content Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC - Details)

Schlauchschelle Ø 16 - 25 mm (3/4"), Edelstahl, 2 Stück

High Quality
Hose clamps 3/4" (2)
Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC - Details)

Material specifications: sus304 stainless steel hose material: epdm, high pressure resistance connnector: brass, 3/8 inch inside of m10 male
M10 male vessel bath tap connection. Suitable for most ship countersunk taps
Stainless steel coated exterior
Solid brass connector ensures quality and durability
2 items 24 inches
Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC - Details)

Product manual (English language not guaranteed).

Before purchasing, please check the size of the sprinkler hose and sink faucet, or you can add an adapter to fit your tap.

Material: ABS + PVC
Inner diameter: 3.2 cm.
Outer diameter: 4.0 cm.
Hose length: 1 m / 39.3 inches.
Total length: 1.2m

Box contents:
1 x Portable Spray Hose

This hose is suitable for most types of round taps.

To simplify the installation process, soak the outlet adapter into hot water for 5 minutes to soften the rubber so it can adapt to your bath spout.
Made of high quality plastic, long service life. Fine workmanship, comfortable hold, uniform corrosion and ageing resistance.
Easily transform your bath sprinkler into a quick and comfortable shower that can be used for your pet, baby, vegetables or shampoo in seconds.
Soft and flexible, easy to install, easy to use, very suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, salons and public sinks. Please check the size of the hose for the sink before purchasing, or you can add an adapter to fit the tap
Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC - Details)

Everything included: no worries – we thought of everything. The design siphon comes with all the corresponding seals, so that slipping or even leakage of the siphon can be excluded. You do not have to get the seals extra, but can start the installation right away
Quality: our cup siphon is made from a sturdy and robust brass and therefore very durable and of the highest quality. The odour trap is covered with a very durable and high-quality chrome layer. Other siphons do not make a good impression when unpacking due to cheap production and break quickly. Very different from us: we pay attention to a high-quality production, which is also reflected in the weight
Eye-catcher: Gone are the times when you can only rely on the siphon with the typical curved tube. Our siphon impresses with its extremely elegant design in rounded design and enhances your bathroom in no time at all
Cleaning: of course, it is normal that a siphon gets dirty. Usually cleaning is very tedious and time-consuming. With our siphon this is a thing of the past. Simply remove the cap at the bottom of the siphon and the cleaning can begin - you don't even have to unscrew the siphon The chrome layer is very stable and shines again in no time at all with standard household cleaners
Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC - Details)

Multifunctional tap aerator for kitchen and bathroom, 360 degree rotating swivel head mixing nozzles, ventilation sprays and shower sprays. Specifications:
Material: high-quality ABS engineering + alloy steel.
Size: 40 x 28 x 22 mm.
Colour: silver white.

1 x tap aerator.

[+] Made of ABS engineering + diamond electroplating process made of alloy steel, good looking and practical.
[+] The filter removes impurities and is double sealed to prevent dripping.
[+] No tools are required. Just make sure your tap corresponds to the size of the product.
Bubble tap can save 30% to 70% water, oxygen-enriched foam and splash-proof water.
It can filter out hard particles and other residues in the water and offers you a perfect washing experience.
Widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies etc. to provide you with more comfort.

Performance description:
- What we offer are 100% brand new and high quality products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.
We will do our best to meet your needs and solve your problems quickly and effectively.
Universal rotation by 360 degrees: whether for washing the bathroom or cleaning the kitchen, the tap can be rotated 360 degrees. This is very good for washing the bathroom and daily cleaning of the kitchen and accelerates your cleaning speed, e.g. B. Washing fruit or cleaning the kitchen, etc.
Easy to install: our aerator can be easily installed on the tap in the kitchen or bathroom balcony. Please check the size of the faucet carefully before you order.
Save water resources: By adjusting the flow rate of the tap to the demand, at least 20% of water resources can be saved in daily life.
High-quality material: our products are made of ABS technology + alloy steel, electroplating with crystal diamonds, look good and are practical, easy to install, rust-proof and durable and have a long service life.
Price: €3.09
(as of Mar 12,2022 16:23:19 UTC - Details)


1. Material:ABS
2. Color:Brushed Nickel/Chrome/Oil Rubbed Bronze
3. Easy to install: Comes with hose and bracket for convenient installation. If you do not know how to install it, you can follow the installation instructions (English language not guaranteed). English language not guaranteed).
4. High quality sprayer: save time and money, use it to clean vegetables, fruits, wash dirty dishes or bowl and make your sink shiny again. A great kitchen helper for your wife or mother.

Box contents:

1 x Kitchen Spray Head
1 x Kitchen Sprayer Holder
Spray Hose
1 x user manual (English language not guaranteed). Not in
Easy to install: The iFealClear kitchen side sprayer set comes with hose fittings and side spray holder for convenient installation, it also comes with installation instructions in the package.
【Thumb Attached Trigger 】Thumb-mounted trigger function provides high pressure directional force spraying, easy to clean, finished spray head with -- 120 cm long kitchen sink. Less work and time.
High water pressure: very strong water pressure, stains on the bottom of the baby milk bottle, bowl, oil stains, fruit vegetable etc. can be easily cleaned. It can help manage housewives with cleaning difficulties.
ENJOY LIFE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Enjoy the family delicious meals together and keep the kitchen sink clean and tidy, keep a good mood.
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