CORNAT TEC321025 Chrome S-Connect Threaded Collar (2 Pieces)


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SettingsCORNAT TEC321025 Chrome S-Connect Threaded Collar (2 Pieces) removeCORNAT TEC304901 Eckfix Angle Valve - Chrome removePack of 2 Tap Aerator, Tap Extension, Flexible Water Saving, 360° Swivel Stainless Steel Tap with Hose Extension, for Kitchen and Bathroom removeBELLANET Microfaser Badputztuch PERMANENT antibakteriell für Sanitär, WC, Bad & Haushalt (grau/grau, 2 Stk,), 40x40cm removeJPGhaha 3 Way Switch Valve 1/2 Inch Brass T-Shape Switching Valve Shower Adapter Tap Diverter Valve Replacement Part for Toilets Bathroom Kitchen Sink removeGROHE 12001000 S-Connector 1/2-Inch x 3/4-Inch Can be Adjusted by 12.5 mm Chrome remove
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Content Price: €5.69
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:23:32 UTC - Details)

• Messing verchromt • Für Wandarmaturen
Price: €5.69
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:23:32 UTC - Details)

Price: €5.69
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:23:32 UTC - Details)

Product description: 1. The stainless steel rotating kitchen tap is durable, not easy to break, rusty or hard, making the tap more flexible to use and the water flow remains even and fine. 2. The 360 degree wide range water tank is cleaned and there is no dead angle. The rotating tap can be bent and fixed according to the target angle without splashing. 3. Two modes: one is the foam mode and the other is the shower mode. By setting two modes, the water flow can be automatically controlled to avoid splashes of water and water waste. 4. The coating surface of the flexible tap sprayer has a mirror effect that is easy to clean, has a higher surface shine and does not fade or scratch. 5. Increase water pressure and prevent water loss. Air and water mix well, the water feels soft, the water is improved and cleaning is more convenient. 6. Ideal choice for basins and taps. Fits most standard faucets, easy to use and install. Information on cleaning nozzles: Due to the different water quality in different places, the service life of the sprinkler water is also different. If limescale accumulates on the sprinkler, you can remove these parts and immerse them in vinegar water for descaling. Installation suggestions: It is recommended in places with high drainage rates, such as kitchen balconies, use a long hose aerator. It is recommended to use a short aerator with low water tank outlet. Package list: 1 long extension sprayer, 1 short extension sprayer, 2 universal plugs. If you have any questions about
360° rotation: the tap aerator adopts a humanised design. Regardless of whether it is a long or short tap, the nozzle can be rotated 360° and tilted 45°, making it easier to wash the sink and remove food residue. At the same time, it can prevent water from splashing out of the sink, and it can save water, which is very suitable for kitchen and bathroom furniture.
Two water outlet modes: the tap aerator has two water outlet modes that can be easily switched: ventilation jet and shower jet. If necessary, you can simply switch by closing it up or pulling it down. Air is mixed with spray water to increase the amount of water and save water.
Installation is very simple: the tap regulator has two types, long and short, which can be selected according to the actual installation requirements. At the same time, it is equipped with a threaded adapter so it is suitable for installation on most taps.
Wide application: suitable for kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, toilets, etc.; it can clean fruit, vegetables and sinks and save water by 50% to 70%. It is an ideal need for daily use to save water and energy and bring comfort to life.
Price: €5.69
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:23:32 UTC - Details)

FUNKTION – Hohe Wirksamkeit mit sanfter & schonender Reinigung durch ultradichte, weiche & saugstarke Mikrofasern. Das Tuch ist ultrahygienisch & verhindert die Bildung & Verbreitung von Bakterien.
ANWENDUNG – Das Wischtuch ist für Badezimmer, WC, Sanitär, Fenster, Glas, Spiegel, Haushalt oder Küche geeignet. Es trocknet schnell wieder auf & reinigt absolut streifen-, fussel- & schlierenfrei.
QUALITÄT – Die Mikrofasertücher sind sehr weich & schonend zu allen Oberflächen. Beste Wirkung im trockenen & nebelfeuchten Zustand. Hält bis zu 300 Waschzyklen - lange Lebensdauer garantiert.
VERANTWORTUNG – Unsere hochwertigen Produkte kommen direkt vom Hersteller, der mit 30 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich Mikrofaser hinter der hohen Qualität & der Einhaltung von BSCI und REACH steht.
Price: €5.69
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:23:32 UTC - Details)

Product Name : 3 Way Switch Valve
Size: G 1/2
Material: brass
Colour: silver.
Box contents:
3 x rubber discs.
1 x 3-way switch valve.
Diverter Valve: T-shaped adapter with three connectors, one in and two out, the splitter is convenient and convenient.
High quality brass: shower adapter shower is made of high quality brass, which is rust-proof, wear-resistant and durable.
Good workmanship: shower switch has good workmanship, smooth surface without burrs.
Please check the size and model of the product before purchasing.
If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.

Brass material: T-shaped switch valve is made of high-quality brass, which is not easy to rust, strong and high pressure resistant and durable.
Excellent sealing performance: as long as the rubber seal is inserted into the 3-way valve connection during installation, the sealing effect can be achieved, which is very economical. The fitted rubber seal adapts well to the pipe with proper installation without leakage.
Easy installation: switch button can be installed in a few simple steps. A connector of the T-adapter is a nut with internal thread, which can be easily rotated and mounted after adjusting the angle, other connections with external thread must be tightened together with the tap hose.
Wide range of applications: diverter valve is an indispensable replacement accessory in the household suitable for washing machine fittings, bath fittings, corner valves, shower arms, ball valves, etc. It fits perfectly with your home bath system.
Price: €5.69
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:23:32 UTC - Details)

GROHE S-Anschluss 12001 Verstellbarkeit 7,5mm 1/2"x3/4" chrom

GROHE S-Anschluss, Schraubrosette 1/2'' x 3/4'', GROHE StarLight Chromoberfläche,
Verstellbarkeit 7,5 mm, Verpackungseinheit bei 00M 2 Stück
  • Schraubrosette 1/2'' x 3/4''
  • GROHE StarLight Chromoberfläche
  • Verstellbarkeit 7,5 mm
  • Verpackungseinheit bei 00M 2 Stück

flexibler, hygienischer GROHFlexx Küche Silikonschlauch
Inklusive Fixierungselemente
Herstellergarantie: 5 Jahre bei Verkauf und Versand durch Amazon. Bei Verkauf und Versand durch einen Drittanbieter gelten die Angaben des jeweiligen Verkäufers
Herstellergarantie: 5 Jahre bei Verkauf und Versand durch Amazon. Bei Verkauf und Versand durch einen Drittanbieter gelten die Angaben des jeweiligen Verkäufers. Ausführliche Garantiebedingungen finden Sie unter „Weitere technische Informationen“ auf dieser Seite, klicken Sie hierzu bitte auf „5 Jahre Herstellergarantie“.
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