Crea Kitchen Mixer Tap Stainless Steel Washbasin Fittings Kitchen Mixer Tap Head (Stainless Steel)


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Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC – Details)

Sparyer head pull down comfortable for dish washing,
Jet and aerator bladder water outlet 2 water flows functions shape
Sedal brand ceramic disc provides smoother and spill-free a service life of
Fits both 3/8-inch by cm water supply system and old style 1/2-inch hose connection (with adapter)


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Content Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC - Details)

Sparyer head pull down comfortable for dish washing,
Jet and aerator bladder water outlet 2 water flows functions shape
Sedal brand ceramic disc provides smoother and spill-free a service life of
Fits both 3/8-inch by cm water supply system and old style 1/2-inch hose connection (with adapter)
Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC - Details)

The product is manufactured in China, the product is highly durable and easy to use, easy installation and easy to use, sink trap j-bend, inlet: 1-1/4 inch, outlet: 1-1/4 inch, 22-gauge brass tubing, with captured nut
1-1/4 inch by 1-1/4 inch
Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC - Details)

Produktbeschreibung Material: Nylon, Sicherheitszertifiziertes PE (Polyethylen), Messing, Edelstahl, ABS, Gummi-Wasserhahn-Typ: Alle Moen Pull-Down-Küchenarmaturen (nach 2011) Gewicht: 6 oz Durchmesser des Schlauchs: 12,7 mm Länge: 68 Zoll Modell: entspricht Moen Wasserhahn Teile 150259 vom Hersteller Moen Ersatzteil; 150259.Teilenummer 150259 ist ein Schlauch-Kit. Schlauchset für ausziehbare Wasserhahn Küche Wasserhahn Ersatzteile Ersatzschlauch Kit für ausziehbare Wasserhahn Küchenarmatur Ersatzteile
Bester Wert – unverzichtbare Werte für den Pulldown-Schlauch Ersatz für Moen ist das beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ohne Kompromisse auf der Qualität auf dem Markt. Größe: 177,2 cm lang, unsere Länge bietet eine perfekte Passform beim Austausch Ihres Küchenarmaturschlauchs.
Kompatibles Design – unser Ersatzschlauch-Set für Moen Pulldown-Küchenarmaturen ist kompatibel mit nur allen Moen ausziehbaren Küchenarmaturen (Teile-Nr. : 150259 oder 187108), aber nicht die ausziehbaren Wasserhähne (alle ausziehbaren Modelle verwenden den Schlauch PN: 159560). Größe rechts: 177 cm im Vergleich zu Moen.
Schlankes Finish – Die Nylon-, Messing- und Chrom-Finish verleihen diesem Moen-Wasserhahn-Ersatzteile wieder ein neues Aussehen für Ihre älteren Moen-Wasserhähne. Passt zu jedem Farbschema und bietet fantastische Ergebnisse, die nicht enttäuschen. Schlank und robuster als andere Marken für bessere Ergebnisse.
100% Qualitätsgarantie - Ein Jahr Geld zurück. Adidas Sportschuhe mit Stollen Adidas Sportschuhe mit Stollen Haben Sie ein Problem, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail und wir antworten innerhalb von 12 Stunden.
Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC - Details)

Multifunctional tap aerator for kitchen and bathroom, 360 degree rotating swivel head mixing nozzles, ventilation sprays and shower sprays. Specifications:
Material: high-quality ABS engineering + alloy steel.
Size: 40 x 28 x 22 mm.
Colour: silver white.

1 x tap aerator.

[+] Made of ABS engineering + diamond electroplating process made of alloy steel, good looking and practical.
[+] The filter removes impurities and is double sealed to prevent dripping.
[+] No tools are required. Just make sure your tap corresponds to the size of the product.
Bubble tap can save 30% to 70% water, oxygen-enriched foam and splash-proof water.
It can filter out hard particles and other residues in the water and offers you a perfect washing experience.
Widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies etc. to provide you with more comfort.

Performance description:
- What we offer are 100% brand new and high quality products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.
We will do our best to meet your needs and solve your problems quickly and effectively.
Universal rotation by 360 degrees: whether for washing the bathroom or cleaning the kitchen, the tap can be rotated 360 degrees. This is very good for washing the bathroom and daily cleaning of the kitchen and accelerates your cleaning speed, e.g. B. Washing fruit or cleaning the kitchen, etc.
Easy to install: our aerator can be easily installed on the tap in the kitchen or bathroom balcony. Please check the size of the faucet carefully before you order.
Save water resources: By adjusting the flow rate of the tap to the demand, at least 20% of water resources can be saved in daily life.
High-quality material: our products are made of ABS technology + alloy steel, electroplating with crystal diamonds, look good and are practical, easy to install, rust-proof and durable and have a long service life.
Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC - Details)

Diese abgeschrägten Danco Wasserhahn-Unterlegscheiben können Ihnen helfen, Ihren undichten Wasserhahn zu reparieren. Das Austauschen der Dichtungen am Wasserhahnstiel schafft eine bessere Abdichtung und verhindert, dass Wasser ausläuft. Wasserhähne haben in der Regel einen oder mehrere O-Ringe, die verhindern, dass Wasser um den Auslauf austritt. Der Austausch abgenutzter O-Ringe ist eine kostengünstige Alternative zum Austausch des gesamten Wasserhahns. Stoppen des Lecks spart Wasser und Energie. Dieses O-Ring-Set kommt mit 200 abgeschrägten Unterlegscheiben, die eine Vielzahl der am häufigsten verwendeten O-Ringe auf dem Markt haben.
Price: €79.99
(as of Mar 03,2022 15:00:19 UTC - Details)

Would you like to have a dream kitchen? Do not miss the smart tap.
Would you like an ideal "non-contact activation" sink to help your family relieve the danger of housework?
Arrisea Matt Black Smart Kitchen Faucet with Fingerprint Resistor One Hand Sensor Kitchen Sink Tap with 3 Modes Extendable Sprayer Metal Cover Plate

CUPC and NSF certification:
Kitchen tap with ceramic valve is lead-free and complies with CUCP and NSF
Certification requirements to bring safe and healthy water to your family.
Arrisea non-contact kitchen faucet with fingerprint resistant has a low battery mode to ensure the product works the same as the ordinary tap. Don't worry. As long as the valve of the control box is open, the sensor sink can be used as an ordinary tap. It will not happen that the tap cannot be used for lack of battery.
Easy installation:
1. Check - Please make sure all seals are in the right place to prevent leakage.
2. Use: If you need to cover other useless holes, please put the deck in the right place. If not, please insert the hoses through the installation hole one by one.
3. Tightening: After completing the first step, please pull all hoses through the washer, the steel seal and the locking nut in curves. And please tighten the screws on the locking nut with the screwdriver.
4. Hang the gravity ball: please hang the gravity ball on the shield area of the pull down hose. You can also adjust it to the lowest point of the hose so that the sprayer can spread to the greatest possible distance.
5. Connect: connect the hot and cold water supply hoses to the corner valves and tighten them with the wrench.
(Note: Please wrap a little Teflon tape on the fittings to prevent leakage)
Box contents:
1 x Arrisea Sensor Kitchen Tap; 1 x User Manual; 1 x Base Plate; 1 x Gasket; 1 x Coun
Four installation steps: save your budget through DIY: Only 20 minutes to make your kitchen beautiful, according to the simple installation instructions (English language not guaranteed). Note: please put the gravity ball at the lowest point and separate it clearly from the hot and cold hoses. And please make sure these seals are in the correct joints to avoid leakage.
THREE PIECE 30" LEAD - Enough to connect your standard deep fountain sink: Arrisea sink taps use 30" stainless steel inlets that are 60% stronger than other standard hoses. Please don't worry about additional extensions for the long hose. And with a 30" insulated hose, you can easily pull the spray head to the desired connection in the sink.
No need to worry about the low flow. Multifunctional spray head and strong mode for your choice: when you get the low flow in your pipe, please increase the flow rate of the faucet by 60% due to the strong mode. The matt black kitchen tap with retractable 30" hose provides great manoeuvrability to make your daily tasks easier.
【Two step after-sales service---100% satisfied solution】: whether human damage or device failure, once the tap no longer works, you will receive a new tap within three days by simply contacting the customer service with a picture and the description of the problem.
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