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The Fischer group of companies has achieved a turnover of 887 million euros with around 5,200 employees worldwide. The family business is represented with 49 companies in 37 countries and exports to over 100 countries.

Fischer mounting systems have the technological market leadership in important fields of fastening technology. For a wide range of customers, from DIY enthusiasts to craftsmen to key account partners, Fischer offers technical perfection.

Fischer sanitary silicone DSSA

High quality premium sanitary silicone.

Due to its good resistance to moisture, weather and ageing, the DSSA sanitary silicone is ideal for corners, movement and connection joints in the sanitary area. For example, for elastic sealing of connection and expansion joints. It is quick and easy to work with, saving time when grouting, sealing and smoothing. Thanks to good adhesion, the silicone prevents moisture damage in the surface and offers a high level of protection and a durable, visually perfect joint pattern.

Sanitary silicone for kitchen and bathroom Contents: 310 ml Colour: anthracite Ideal for corners, movement and connection joints, window and glass sealing and much more. Suitable for many building materials, such as Chrome, stainless steel, anodize, enamel and glass Very good weathering, ageing and UV resistance

Fischer – Application Examples for DSSA Premium Sanitary Silicone

Fischer sanitary silicone

Fischer sanitary silicone

Fischer sanitary silicone

Fischer sanitary silicone

Fischer Silicone

Fischer Silicone

Perfect for bathroom and kitchen

The sanitary silicone DSSA is ideal for heavily stressed expansion joints, such as corners, movement and connection joints in damp rooms. The high-quality formula of the sealant promises quick and easy processing when grouting – whether moving in, moving or renovation.

Reliable grouting

The DSSA silicone prevents moisture formation in the surface due to good adhesion to smooth surfaces. In addition, due to chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, it offers a completely long-lasting grouting of among others. sinks, showers and baths.

Application and building materials

The grout reliably seals joints. Whether corner, movement and connection joints in sanitary areas and kitchens, expansion joints between tiles or window and glass sealing, the silicone sticks to many building materials and smooth surfaces, such as Chrome, stainless steel, anodize, enamel, wood with primer and glass.

Anthracite Slate grey White Red

310 ml 310 ml 290 ml 1 x cartridge gun KPM 2

Density Density Gluing and sealing Pressing standard cartridges

Cannot be painted over, MDI and solvent-free, good chemical compatibility, permanently elastic, fungicide Cannot be painted over, abrasion-resistant and streak-free, permanently elastic, low odour, fungicide Solvent-free, MDI and silicone-free, can be painted over, waterproof, also suitable for injection furniture Slim device shape, continuous feed and robust design made of metal

UV and weather resistant

Curing time:
1 day 1 day 1 – 3 days

Operating temperature:
-50 °C to +200 °C -40 °C to +120 °C -40°C to +90°C

Chemical base
1K silicone acetate 1K silicone neutral Alkoxy 1K hybrid polymer

Areas of application:
Corner, movement and connection joints in sanitary areas and kitchens, window and glass sealing, sealing seams of showcases and glass blocks, small surface adhesion Connection, expansion and movement joints, mirror bonding, sealing in machine, container and apparatus construction Tension-balancing gluing and sealing of standard mirrors, metal profiles, joints and seams in air conditioning and ventilation construction, kitchen and built-in furniture, floor joints and much more.

Colour = other
Packaging = cartridge
Capacity: 310 ml
Type of the gasket = sanitary Ilicon


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