Genova/ABS 81121 Reducing Sanitary Military Tea 2×1 1/2 ABS Sanitary Military Tee


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‘Used when connecting a reducing branch line into a vertical drain pipe, Hub x Hub x Hub, it measures 2 x 2 “x 1-1/2”
‘2 x 2 “x 1 1/2”


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Content Price: €23.00
(as of Mar 02,2022 18:54:37 UTC - Details)

'Used when connecting a reducing branch line into a vertical drain pipe, Hub x Hub x Hub, it measures 2 x 2 "x 1-1/2"
'2 x 2 "x 1 1/2"
Price: €23.00
(as of Mar 02,2022 18:54:37 UTC - Details)

With the Santras seal range, you have all common fibre seals from 3/8 inch to 2 inch at hand. The seals are made from Centellen WS 3820. They are gas tight and suitable for solar use up to + 200 °C. In addition, the seals have the following approvals: DIN-DVGW: DIN 3535-6 HTB-VP401 (1bar): DIN 3376-1 DIN 3376-2, fittings for gas meter BAM: for gaseous oxygen up to 90°C and 100 bar KTW: for drinking water up to 60°C according to the KTW recommendations. of BGA, for Seals D2 WrC: for drinking water up to 85 °C (UK BS 6920) TA-air: VDI 2440.
Extreme resistance – The positive properties of aramid fibres, inorganic reinforcements and NBR rubbers combine in the centelles WS 3820. Their very high strength values make them resistant to oils, solvents, alcohols and organic acids.
The best or nothing – with the unique calendar process, the seals are made in Germany by us. The high-quality workmanship pays off. We do not know full cellars, gas leaks or oil loss. All solid and 100% impermeable.
As individual as you – how many ways there are to create a sealing box from the seven flat seals. Thousands Create your own according to your individual needs. Order the assortment box with us and we will do the rest - including lettering.
SANTRAS PROMISE – To make your purchase decision much easier, we take the financial risk completely on us: if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back immediately – without annoying questions and long waiting time up to 2 years after purchase.
Price: €23.00
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Product Description High pressure kitchen fittingHigh pressure kitchen fitting Chrome-plated brass durable fittingChrome-plated brass durable fitting Giftable kitchen fittingGiftable kitchen fitting Single-lever mixer tap fittingSingle-lever mixer tap fitting Water-saving tapWater-saving tap Product description:

Enjoy the flow of water in a new way. The exclusive design, the selection of the best materials and the special functionality makes this original Prieser tap a showpiece in your bathroom or kitchen. This tap is the perfect accessory for the kitchen. Proven quality product in a modern, timeless design.

To ensure the best quality, it is equipped with the latest cartridge with excellent reliability for accurate flow control. The construction of sturdy, heavy brass and the chrome-plated, durable surface promise a very long service life and functionality.

Our tap has high-quality workmanship, with several times testing, then you do not need to worry about your health due to metal flooding exceeding the limit value and scratches caused by damage. Product Description Occasion: Kitchen and bathroom. Material: Chrome-plated brass. Surface: High gloss polished chrome cartridge type: ceramic dishes cartridge application: Cold and hot water supply. Installation: Stand mounting for 1 hole installation measurement: Please check the photo above standard 3/8 inch standard connection. Very easy for installation, even for amateurs. Box contents: 1 x tap mounting material and 2 x 40 cm flexible connection hoses. Please note that this tap is not suitable for low pressure.

Swivel range of 360°: the spout can be rotated 360° steply. More freedom of movement on the sink thanks to the large range of action - very practical when rinsing or cooking.
EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Cartridge with ceramic gasket for long life and easy opening and closing of valves. Low-noise mixing nozzle provides a soft jet of water - durable and water-saving.
Easy to install: tap hole with 35mm diameter required. Flexible connection hoses with 40 cm length and 3/8 inch nut, mounting parts and instructions are also included.
Excellent customer service: we not only offer quality product but also excellent service for consumers. If you have any problem, please contact us - taps with a five year manufacturer's warranty.
Price: €23.00
(as of Mar 02,2022 18:54:37 UTC - Details)

Sprinkler Mode
Price: €23.00
(as of Mar 02,2022 18:54:37 UTC - Details)

Die hartmetallbestreute Bohrkrone inklusive Aufnahmeteller und Zentrierbohrer ist speziell für Bohrungen mit der Bohrmaschine oder dem Akkuschrauber in Mauerwerk und Stein, (z. B. Bimsstein, Porenbeton oder ähnliche weiche und mittelharte Steinsorten) geeignet. Mit einer möglichen Schnitttiefe von 55 mm und der Verfügbarkeit in verschiedenen Durchmessern ist sie ideal für Bauprojekte oder Renovierungen. In Kombination mit dem separat erhältlichen Spanndorn (Art. 3862000) ist die Bohrkrone durch mehrfach aufeinanderfolgende Bohrungen auch für tiefe Bohrungen und Durchbruchbohrungen geeignet. Über den Sechskant-Schaft lässt sie sich schnell im Bohrfutter Ihrer Bohrmaschine arretieren. Ein Zentrierbohrer (Ø 8 mm) erleichtert Ihnen die exakte Positionierung Ihrer Bohrung. Damit Sie sofort loslegen können, erhalten Sie die Bohrkrone bereits vormontiert. Die Bohrkrone ist TÜV-geprüft - Sie setzen somit auf ein sicheres Qualitätsprodukt.
for brick walls, bricks, breeze blocks, gypsum plaster boards, tiles
directly useable - no separate mandrel required
also suitable for deep boreholes
material: tungsten carbide coated
Price: €23.00
(as of Mar 02,2022 18:54:37 UTC - Details)

Kludi shower hose for sink fittings with pull-out spout.

Original spare part - manufacturer number: 7654000-00

Length: approx. 1500 mm.
Connections: 1/2 inch cone nut x M15/1 male thread
With 2 different cone nuts, depending on the fitting (only 1 x cone nut is required).
Material: nylon hose with brass connectors

Suitable for the following Kludi fittings:
Single-lever sink mixer tap with pull-out spout / shower head
Kludi Mix (from 01/02) 33901/33902/33955/33957.
Kludi Mix 33941/33942/33945/33947/39941/39945.
Kludi Amphora 54941.
Kludi Steel 101 38851.
Kludi Steel 200 38855.
Kludi Bingo Star 42851.
Kludi Bozz 42851.
Kludi Bingo Star 200 42855.

Length: approx. 1500 mm. Connections: 1/2 inch cone nut x M15/1 male thread
With 2 different cone nuts depending on the fitting (only 1 x cone nut is attached). Material: nylon hose with BR connection parts
Suitable for the following Kludi taps // single-lever sink mixer tap with pull-out spout / Kludi Mix shower (from 01/02) 33901/33902/33955/33957 // Kludi Mix 33941/33942/33945/33947/39999999494949494944447/4494449447/39444944447/39494444441/399. 999941/39999941/3 941/3 999941/3999941/3999941/399941/3999945
Kludi Amphora 54941 // Kludi Steel 101 38851 // Kludi Steel 200 38855 // Kludi Bingo Star 42851 // Kludi Bozz 42851 // Kludi Bingo Star 200 42855
Dimensionsn. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.
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