Grifema Dover-G4003SE Kitchen Tap, Osmosis Tap


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G4003.G4003. About GRIFEMA

Griffema becomes one of the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers of sanitary items and lighting fixtures in Spain. All ranges offer a new design from kitchen, bathroom to outdoor. The minimalist is integrated into an extraordinary design.

Ceramic cartridge. Integrated design Easy to install.

Handle: Start your exquisite life.

The GRIFEMA Dover G4003 kitchen tap has been developed for installation in a sink with water filter system and attaches importance to practicality. The perfect technical design makes it a perfect solution for your kitchen.

A wide swivel range is a convenient addition to your kitchen and provides the flexibility you need.

The simple and quick installation system helps you save time and money on DIY installation without the need for a plumber.

1. Kitchen tap. 2. Product box. 3. O-ring. 4. Installation adjustment. 5. Rubber seal 6. Metal seal. 7. Fixing nut. 8. Non-slip base 9. 3 x hose line 10. Connection.







Refined brass construction

High-quality materials ensure a robust structure and a long service life for maximum reliability.

Splash-free aerator.

It provides a softer flow of water for rinsing vegetables or fruits and reduces water waste without sacrificing pressure.

Swivel spout

The smooth 360 degree swivel allows effortless rotation and adjustment, providing more convenience for your daily tasks.







PEX materials inside.

The inner tube is made of non-toxic, odorless material, which is high pressure resistant and flexible for maximum performance.

Robust installation

It allows for easier installation and longer use with less maintenance, saving money and time.

Cold start.

Unlike conventional operation, Ibergrif’s cold start system helps you save energy and prevent water backflow.

G4003. G4003B. G4010-2. G4010B-2. G4010W-2.

Brass. Brass. Brass + silicone gel. Brass + silicone gel. Brass + silicone gel.

With shower function.

With flexible spout

A superior ceramic disc cartridge reduces the risk of leakage or dripping and extends the life of the mixer tap.
A superior sink aerator delivers a soft flow of water without splashing
Two handles allow for precise adjustment of water flow and filtered water.
The chrome-plated surface is perfect against scratches and tarnishing to preserve a life in beauty.


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