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Christmas Tree Chain, Clear/White, 15 x E10/16 V/3 W
‘For installation and removal of valve extensions 3/8 ” – 1/2″ – 3/4 ” – 1 & M8, M10 and M12 Express screws
The ideal bath tool
Red lacquered


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Content Price: €21.99
(as of Mar 05,2022 19:04:10 UTC - Details)

Christmas Tree Chain, Clear/White, 15 x E10/16 V/3 W
'For installation and removal of valve extensions 3/8 " – 1/2" – 3/4 " – 1 & M8, M10 and M12 Express screws
The ideal bath tool
Red lacquered
Price: €21.99
(as of Mar 05,2022 19:04:10 UTC - Details)

Price: €21.99
(as of Mar 05,2022 19:04:10 UTC - Details)

From the manufacturer  PATTEX shower + BA D silicone TRA PFDBT  PATTEX shower + BA D silicone TRA PFDBT

Shower and bathroom sanitary silicone

Features and Benefits

Pattex perfect bath sanitary silicone is a neutral cross-linking premium silicone.

This allows you to create a permanently tight transition: From bath or shower tray to tile. From sink, toilet or bidet to wall or floor or even from the shower enclosure or floor to wall. With Pattex shower and bath sanitary silicone without pre-treatment with primer a secure adhesion is also given to acrylic tubs.

Processing temperature: + 5 °C to + 40 °CHautbildung time: approx. 15 minutes curing time: approx. 2mm per day temperature resistance: -50°C to +120°C Permissible total deformation: 25%

Price: €21.99
(as of Mar 05,2022 19:04:10 UTC - Details)


1. Waterproof and mildew resistant tape, can be used in many places, such as corners, wall seams, fluff, toilet etc., environmentally friendly, moisture and mildew resistant.
2. The waterproof and mildew resistant tape has folds in the middle that can be rotated 90 degrees and stuck into the corner gap.
3. The material of the product is PVC, has a good effect in waterproof and mildew resistant, durable. It is very convenient to use and cut at any time.
4. You don't need any tools, just tear off the cover, have a great viscosity.

Suitable for gas stove, sink, bathroom edge, wall, gap.

Box contents:
2 x Sealing Tape
Wrinkle lines design: the sealing tape with middle pleat lines can be folded 90 degrees and used for the wall corner to stick firmly without worrying about it falling off. Perfect for the seams between the wall, sink, bathtub, prevents mould and black and keeps it clean and tidy for a long time.
Easy to use: before sticking it to ensure the surface is clean and dry. You need to peel off the film of the sealing strips and press on the surface with a few minutes, make sure that no air remains in the seams and stick it firmly.
CUT ANY SIZE: you will receive 2 rolls of sealing tape, each roll measures 12 feet x 1.5 inches. You can cut it as needed. Professional design, the sealing strip leaves no traces after removal and provides a permanent seal when you use it.
Multifunctional: suitable for bathroom, kitchen, toilet, shower room, wall corner and more. Can beautify decoration, and it is mould-proof, dirt-repellent, moisture-resistant, u2roof and waterproof, strong adhesive and does not fall off easily.
Price: €21.99
(as of Mar 05,2022 19:04:10 UTC - Details)

Installation Note: 1.Do not install water heater indoors or outdoors where ice can ice.

2. Do not install the water heater near flammable or strong magnetic fields.

3. The power supply of the water heater must not be installed in a place where it can be sprayed directly into the water.

4. The zero fire line of the water heater must be connected to the zero fire line of the household power supply.

The heater automatically adjusts the heating control mode to the water inlet quantity, inlet water temperature, set temperature and voltage level to achieve the set water temperature. For example, due to the season (winter), the water flow is too large or the set water temperature is set. If the water temperature is too high and the water temperature is not set, this is completed by appropriate reducing the flow rate of the incoming (outflowing) water. As the performance is increased, the water temperature is increased and the water temperature is lowered.

2. Multiple safety precautions - safer. Automatic shut-off protection for leakage, protection against misconnections of the power line, anti-dry protection for intake air.
3. With the fault self-test function, the heater intelligently detects common error problems and informs the user what measures to be taken.
4. The installation is simple, but we recommend professional installation
5. The functional principle of our products is the greater the water flow, the slower the heating speed, the lower the water flow, the faster the heating speed
Price: €21.99
(as of Mar 05,2022 19:04:10 UTC - Details)

Die hartmetallbestreute Bohrkrone inklusive Aufnahmeteller und Zentrierbohrer ist speziell für Bohrungen mit der Bohrmaschine oder dem Akkuschrauber in Mauerwerk und Stein, (z. B. Bimsstein, Porenbeton oder ähnliche weiche und mittelharte Steinsorten) geeignet. Mit einer möglichen Schnitttiefe von 55 mm und der Verfügbarkeit in verschiedenen Durchmessern ist sie ideal für Bauprojekte oder Renovierungen. In Kombination mit dem separat erhältlichen Spanndorn (Art. 3862000) ist die Bohrkrone durch mehrfach aufeinanderfolgende Bohrungen auch für tiefe Bohrungen und Durchbruchbohrungen geeignet. Über den Sechskant-Schaft lässt sie sich schnell im Bohrfutter Ihrer Bohrmaschine arretieren. Ein Zentrierbohrer (Ø 8 mm) erleichtert Ihnen die exakte Positionierung Ihrer Bohrung. Damit Sie sofort loslegen können, erhalten Sie die Bohrkrone bereits vormontiert. Die Bohrkrone ist TÜV-geprüft - Sie setzen somit auf ein sicheres Qualitätsprodukt.
for brick walls, bricks, breeze blocks, gypsum plaster boards, tiles
directly useable - no separate mandrel required
also suitable for deep boreholes
material: tungsten carbide coated
Dimensionsn. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.
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