Luigi’s Sink Plunger


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(as of Mar 14,2022 11:27:27 UTC – Details)

What distinguishes it from the usual rubber suction cups with wooden stick? Now… It is the fact that the plunger (the bellow) that fits over the drain hole is much larger – so you can catch more air and push it into the drain hole. It is the same method as a normal plunger, only a full 8x more effective.
✅ RELIEVES SLOW AND CLOGGED DRAINS: Slow draining showers and bathtubs are a common problem, Luigi plunger repairs it every time. Apply over the drain, even if your shower tray is full and within a few pumps the cause of the clog will be removed.
✅ DURABLE: The power comes from you, push down the bellows when it is over the plug and pushes the trapped air into the drain hole. This is the same method as a traditional piston but with a much larger (8 fold) air volume.
✅ EASY TO CLEAN – Made from 100% recycled PVC. When you are done, simply spray it with bleach and run it under the tap/shower. The head is removable for easy storage.
Tip: If you clean a sink or bath with an overflow, you should block it with a damp cloth before you start diving. This prevents air leakage and makes the process even faster and easier.


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