Meister GS Pipe Cleaning Shaft


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(as of Mar 09,2022 19:14:45 UTC – Details)

Pipe cleaning shaft diameter 6 mm x 3 m.
Gentle on the environment. The Meister pipe cleaning shaft is the environmentally friendly alternative to chemical substances, such as drain or pipe cleaners. By pressing the crank, the cleaning shaft works almost as if by itself through the blocked pipe and frees the drain of stuck dirt. With the help of the 3 m long, flexible spiral with claw, even hard-to-reach areas in the drain can be quickly and efficiently. This means that both the drain and the environment are significantly protected.
Product details:
Easy to use: By simply turning the crank, the cleaning shaft works almost by itself through the blocked pipe
Flexible spiral: extra long spiral with claw for hard to reach areas in the drain pipe. Ideal for removing impurities such as hair and coarse dirt
Product details: length: 3 m, diameter: 6 mm, material: galvanised wire


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