Ottoseal C04 S100 Sanitary Silicone 300 ml Black


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Ottoseal S100 Premium Sanitary Silicone Product Description OTTO’s most successful product for professional sanitary grouting guarantees fast and smooth connections in many millions of bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and toilets for decades. Its excellent smoothability, very short thread drawing and unmatched variety of colours make Ottoseal S100 the market leader in its discipline. With Ottoseal S100, the professional processor can not only present a successful result in a visual way, but also save time and money. Properties: acetate cross-linking 1K silicone sealant. Very good weathering, ageing and UV resistance. Fungicide and bacteriostatic. Unique processing properties. Excellent smoothable surface. Very good adhesion to ceramic surfaces. Stretch voltage value at 100% (DIN 53504, S3A): 0.3 N/mm². Areas of application: expansion and connection joints in Seal for sanitary areas of expansion joints in the floor and wall area, gluing and sealing of glass blocks, sealing profile glass (for example, profile glazing). Please note that the colours shown here may differ from the actual colours of our products, depending on the type and setting of your monitor.
Excellent smooth surface
Very good adhesion to ceramic surfaces
Very good weathering, ageing and UV resistance
Working temperature from/to + 5 degrees celcius / + 35 degrees celcius
Contains 4.5-dichlor-2-octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-on. May cause allergic reactions.


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