Pack of 6 Drain Snake Hair Cleaning Tool, Hair Drain Drain Sink Clog Remover Clog for Kitchen Sink Bathroom Tub Toilet 4 x Plastic Drain Snake with Smile


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6 Pack Cleaning Tool for Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover
– A small tool provides an improvement for your home. Are you annoyed by clogged pipes, bad and dirty and smelly?
There are hair, food, rubbish and other obstacles that can always clog these pipes: toilets, sinks, bathtubs, floor drains.
Choose us Drain Snake!
This is a powerful and practical cleaning tool that is of good quality and affordable.
An amazing addition to your household appliances and a must have for any home.
1. Glitch design for easy gripping and removing hair tufts. 2. A loop at the top makes it easier to hold. 3. High-quality material: ABS plastic.
4.20 inches long, a sufficiently long, deep dipped pipe length.
1. Insert the snake cleaning tool into the pipe that needs to be cleaned.
2. If you reach down far enough, pull up and down several times.
3. If you feel dirt is hanging, pull it up.
4. Pull out the dirt and clean it in the bin.
1. Do not apply excessive force when using.
2. If you have too much hair, you can use it several times.
3. When you receive the product, they are curled in the packaging. and it will not affect you with them. Before using it, you should gently straighten it.
What you get:
4 x plastic drain snake with smile.
2 x drain cleaning chain.

A must for cleaning pipes and sinks – Commonly used in a variety of sinks and pipes, including kitchens, baths, showers and municipal sinks, excavator pipes, drains, sewers and other places that are often clogged.
Please measure the length and diameter of your hole and refer to the measurements in the pictures before purchasing. Make sure the size is correct. Our drain hair cleaner tool kit provides two cleaning tools. and the plastic snake tools and deposits.
Easy and efficient removal of blockages – the emptying device is easy to use, insert it into the hole to be cleaned, turn it over for seconds and then pull it out. Attach small strainers and pipes that are long enough to reach the P-trap, and grab for blockages on the P-trap to efficiently remove most blockages or hook hair.
Reusable and environmentally friendly: this cleaning set for snakes is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than cleaning agents for toxic chemical drains. Environmentally friendly method of de-jamming your slow moving drains without the use of cleaning agents for toxic drains. Better protection for rivers and seas living environment. Made of high quality stainless steel and plastic for environmental protection. Supports reuse and provides maximum


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