Ramsauer 450 1K Silicone Sealant, 310 ml Cartridge


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450, sanitary, silicone.450, sanitary, silicone.

Areas of application:
NEUTRAL 120 is particularly suitable for the sealing of insulating glass in wooden frames with water-dilutable paint systems as well as for the sealing of connection joints. Acrylic 160 is a ready-to-use, plastic-elastic joint sealant based on acrylic for sealing cracks, joints and connection joints both indoors and outdoors. BAUDICHT 320 is a silicone-free, odourless, soft elastic hybrid sealant for sealing connection joints. Natural stone 440 is a specially developed sealant for the grouting of natural stones such as marble, granite, terrazzo, etc. Sanitary 450 shows best adhesion to all common building materials in the sanitary area. It contains fungicidal and bactericidal active ingredients that counteract infestation by micro-organisms (mould, fungi, bacteria).

Neutral 1K silicone sealant 1K acrylic emulsion based sealant 1K hybrid based sealant Neutral 1K silicone sealant Acetate cross-linking 1K silicone sealant

Sanitary area

Compatible with natural stone

Can be painted over

For outdoor use


Food sector


*-50°C to +150°C -20°C to 80°C. *-40C to +90°C *-50°C to 150°C -40 °C to 180 °C.

This special sealant has a good adhesion to many commercially available surfaces even without additional primer.
Suitable for grouting work in wet and damp rooms, for sealing connection and expansion joints that are exposed to high humidity. in sanitary areas in bathrooms and kitchens, for connection joints in baths and shower trays, sinks and shower enclosure as well as for ceramic wall and floor coverings.
Application: sealing in sanitary areas | industries: sanitary, tile and shower.
Box contents: 310 ml cartridge and suitable nozzle, for easy application.


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