RECHCIGA Sink Installer Key Sink Faucet Installer Sink Pipe Wrench Sink Installer Tool Multifunctional Tap Key Set for Toilet Sink


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RECHCIGA 8-in-1 sink installer tool – multifunctional sink installer key is very practical. Very suitable for inlet nuts, passage valves, filter baskets, inlet pipe nuts, tap nut toilets, sinks, bathrooms, kitchen pipes, etc.

Non-slip long handle.
The size of this sink installer key is 26 x 6 x 6 cm. The handle not only has enough length to easily reach the nuts in different places, but also features a grid design that can increase friction and effectively avoid slipping.

Effort-saving design.
This sink pipe wrench is equipped with a labour-saving hole at the end, and it can be inserted a rod or screwdriver of suitable size to turn the wrench to achieve the purpose of saving labour, can be easily rotated.

Smooth surface.
The design of this sink installer tool is very ergonomic and very comfortable to use. In addition, the surface is also very smooth without burrs, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your hands.

Wire break puller.
Sink faucet installer tool is equipped with a wire break extractor and has a clear deep thread design that can increase friction with the wire breakage and make the attachment tighter to quickly remove the wire breakage.


Material: plastic and aluminium alloy
Size: wrench: 26 * 6 * 6 cm, sleeve diameter: 3.4 cm and 4 cm, metal mounting head: 2.1 cm, 2.35 cm, 2.8 cm
Weight: 270 g

Packaging includes:
1 x sink installer tool.


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Unique extended design: the extra long arm of the sink pipe wrench can easily reach hard-to-reach places and helps you turn the installation nuts on the tap, syringe and ball valve. The unique opening design allows easy access to the existing supply line and the screw can be observed through the gap.
Tap wrench for small space: The unique design of the sink installer key makes it possible to replace normal spanners under all circumstances and is specially designed for different types of water pipes and taps. Ergonomically designed, it can be easily attached to small spaces such as sinks, water heaters, water heaters, etc. for assembly and disassembly work.
Easy to use: the tap installer key has a levelling device that allows you to find the balance point quickly and easily judge whether it is compact or loose. Can be applied to any object that needs to find a balance point, such as wall mounted TVs, trailers, hooks, etc.
Multifunctional sink faucet installer tool: the sink installer tool can be easily turned to an unfavourable angle without scratching the chrome coating. Suitable for water inlet nut, flow valve, filter basket, water inlet nut, faucet nut, toilet, sink, bathroom, kitchen accessories


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