Rescue Tape RP2562 Black 20 Mil 1x12ft Silicone Rescue Tape


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Rescue Tape RT1000201201USCO
Most people carry life bands in their emergency bag, car or boat for unexpected emergencies. The broken radiator tube or hot pipe is easy to attach with a rescue band as it can withstand temperatures up to 250°C and pressure up to 950psi.
Rescue tape is extremely durable, but when it’s time to remove it, leaves no sticky residue like a duck tape. The rescue band will not stick to anything and you only need to stretch and overlap for proper application.
Excellent insulation. It creates insulation up to 8000 volts per layer. You can safely display your Christmas lights, protect your antennas from UV light and corrosion, or simply protect wires from harsh conditions and salt water.
Military Battle Kit: We are proud to say that Rescue Tape is the only silicone band used by the USA Military in their Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment & Repair Kit (BDAR Kit). Made in the USA


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