Sanifri 470010372 Sedal 40 mm Ceramic Cartridge for all Fittings with 40 mm Cartridge


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Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC – Details)

Suitable for all fittings with a diameter of 40 mm, including low pressure
Without cartridge base
Made in Europe


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Content Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC - Details)

Suitable for all fittings with a diameter of 40 mm, including low pressure
Without cartridge base
Made in Europe
Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC - Details)

The aerator can be easily disassembled and cleaned at any time.
Tap aerators help you reduce water consumption and save costs.
This tap aerator is suitable for thread sizes: M20, M22, M24, M28.

Material: stainless steel
Colour: silver.
Diameter: 23 mm
Height: 16.5 mm

6 x mixing aerators with internal thread.
6 x tap aerators.
6 x rubber seal.
1 x plastic mixing nozzle wrench.

SEAL:The gasket is made of high quality rubber, suitable for connecting to the faucet and helps to create a tight seal to prevent leakage.
Filter: The high-density filter not only filters out most sediments, tinder and impurities, but also limits water flow, saving water.
Easy installation: it is equipped with a sealing ring and a spanner to attach the aerator, which can better meet your installation needs.
Application: widely used in washing machines, kitchens, shower faucets and also for installing and replacing faucet accessories in hotels and public facilities.
Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC - Details)

3 Way Switching Valve Shower 1/2 Inch
3-Way Shower Diverter - This shower arm diverter is a 3-way valve that attaches to the shower arm, conveniently converts water from a hand shower and fixed shower head. Can control the draining of water from both outlets at the same time, but the water flow is halved at each outlet and depends on your water pressure.
Anti-leak design: rubber seals included for a better tight seal to fit well with your faucets without leakage when installed correctly.
High-quality materials: the valve body is made of high quality solid metal brass with excellent properties against rust and dirt. One-piece brass body with solid metal handle. High quality metal material is durable and long lasting. Designed with a large water channel without water restrictions.
Modern design: reversible valve with flashing chrome plating, the installation style fits into any kitchen or bathroom. Fits most shower arms or bathroom accessories, hand showers, shower filters, hand hoses.
Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC - Details)

Product Name : 3 Way Switch Valve
Size: G 1/2
Material: brass
Colour: silver.
Box contents:
3 x rubber discs.
1 x 3-way switch valve.
Diverter Valve: T-shaped adapter with three connectors, one in and two out, the splitter is convenient and convenient.
High quality brass: shower adapter shower is made of high quality brass, which is rust-proof, wear-resistant and durable.
Good workmanship: shower switch has good workmanship, smooth surface without burrs.
Please check the size and model of the product before purchasing.
If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.

Brass material: T-shaped switch valve is made of high-quality brass, which is not easy to rust, strong and high pressure resistant and durable.
Excellent sealing performance: as long as the rubber seal is inserted into the 3-way valve connection during installation, the sealing effect can be achieved, which is very economical. The fitted rubber seal adapts well to the pipe with proper installation without leakage.
Easy installation: switch button can be installed in a few simple steps. A connector of the T-adapter is a nut with internal thread, which can be easily rotated and mounted after adjusting the angle, other connections with external thread must be tightened together with the tap hose.
Wide range of applications: diverter valve is an indispensable replacement accessory in the household suitable for washing machine fittings, bath fittings, corner valves, shower arms, ball valves, etc. It fits perfectly with your home bath system.
Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC - Details)

DODUOS 3-Way Diverter Valve Solid Brass G 1/2 Inch Shower Switch Valve Shut-Off Valve Shower Adapter Valve for Sink Bathroom Kitchen

This tap diverter valve is designed to switch the water flow between the tap and the shower.
It can be connected to a washing machine or shower hose for convenient use.

Body Material: Brass
Ready: chrome.
Installation method: screw.
Suitable faucet type: M24 female thread or M22 male thread.
Thread for flexible hose: G1/2 (20 mm).
Working temperature: 0-80°C

Package contents:
1 x tap switch valve.
1 x rubber seals.
【High Quality】 - Sturdy valve body is made of high quality brass with solid metal handle, high gloss chrome plated, wear-resistant, rust-proof, dirt-resistant, long service life.
【Easy Installation】 - The nut end rotates separately, so you can tighten it without turning the whole valve, making it easy to attach to your sink.
Easy to use: our tap adapter is easy to set up and remove, a hose can be attached directly to the side outlet of this valve. Direct the water from the sink tap to the connected hose by turning the switch valve up or down.
Use area: suitable for kitchen sink tap, sink tap, and bathroom tap, switch the water flow between tap, sprayer or shower.
Price: €17.89
(as of Apr 01,2022 04:45:39 UTC - Details)


Zinc alloy material delivers strength and reliability

Package includes the hot/cold red/blue sign to cover the adjusting screw.

Good replacement for your broken tap lever handle

For use with one-handed bar / prep, bidet, kitchen and toilet taps
Main Color : Silver;Material : Zinc Alloy;Finish : Chrome Plated
Weight: 143g; Hole fits tap size: 10 x 11mm/0.4" x 0.43"(L*W)
Fits tap core depth: 21.5 mm / 0.85 inches; handle overall size: 135 x 50 x 40 mm / 5.32 inches x 2 inches x 1.46 inches (L x Max.Dx H)
Screw mounting hole diameter: 5 mm / 0.2 inches; screw size: 5 x 8 mm / 0.2 x 0.31 inches (D*L)
Dimensionsn. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.
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