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Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC – Details)

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Länge: 230 mm


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Content Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC - Details)

in 4 Stufen einstellbar
Länge: 230 mm
Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC - Details)

3 Way Switching Valve Shower 1/2 Inch
3-Way Shower Diverter - This shower arm diverter is a 3-way valve that attaches to the shower arm, conveniently converts water from a hand shower and fixed shower head. Can control the draining of water from both outlets at the same time, but the water flow is halved at each outlet and depends on your water pressure.
Anti-leak design: rubber seals included for a better tight seal to fit well with your faucets without leakage when installed correctly.
High-quality materials: the valve body is made of high quality solid metal brass with excellent properties against rust and dirt. One-piece brass body with solid metal handle. High quality metal material is durable and long lasting. Designed with a large water channel without water restrictions.
Modern design: reversible valve with flashing chrome plating, the installation style fits into any kitchen or bathroom. Fits most shower arms or bathroom accessories, hand showers, shower filters, hand hoses.
Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC - Details)


Zinc alloy material delivers strength and reliability

Package includes the hot/cold red/blue sign to cover the adjusting screw.

Good replacement for your broken tap lever handle

For use with one-handed bar / prep, bidet, kitchen and toilet taps
Main Color : Silver;Material : Zinc Alloy;Finish : Chrome Plated
Weight: 143g; Hole fits tap size: 10 x 11mm/0.4" x 0.43"(L*W)
Fits tap core depth: 21.5 mm / 0.85 inches; handle overall size: 135 x 50 x 40 mm / 5.32 inches x 2 inches x 1.46 inches (L x Max.Dx H)
Screw mounting hole diameter: 5 mm / 0.2 inches; screw size: 5 x 8 mm / 0.2 x 0.31 inches (D*L)
Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC - Details)

√ Super spiral, removes hair and debris from the pipes. Take it for sink and bathtub or other drains such as pipes.

With the total length of 70 cm (with grip), the spiral can be inserted to the end, then it is rotated until the dirt is

Usually it is long hair that can then be pulled up.

Material: plastic, metal, nylon
Size: 71 x 2.6 cm
Colour: green

1. Because of the cilia, please be careful of your eyes.
2. Please place this pipe cleaning spiral at larger heights to protect the children.
3. When using the chemicals, please do not use a pipe cleaning spiral to avoid splashing.
4. It is folded and shipped for convenient transportation. Please receive the goods directly.

Package includes:
3 x flexible drain cleaning brush
High quality: this drain cleaner brush is made of robust metal and nylon bristles, has a rotating design, there is also a protective layer to protect the pipe. so it is high quality and durable.
Easy to use: this pipe cleaning spiral is about 71 cm. It extends up to 50 cm deep to adapt to the curvy tubes and effectively clean them.
Space-saving: this cleaning brush takes up small space. There is a hole on the handle, so you can hang it on the wall. This drain cleaning brush is flexible enough, you can fold it twice.
Packaging: you will receive 3 drain cleaning brushes. The length is 71 cm, 2.6 cm diameter. Ideal for cleaning sinks, baths, showers. Drain holes can be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging.
Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC - Details)

Price: €8.16
(as of Mar 14,2022 18:19:40 UTC - Details)

Die hartmetallbestreute Bohrkrone inklusive Aufnahmeteller und Zentrierbohrer ist speziell für Bohrungen mit der Bohrmaschine oder dem Akkuschrauber in Mauerwerk und Stein, (z. B. Bimsstein, Porenbeton oder ähnliche weiche und mittelharte Steinsorten) geeignet. Mit einer möglichen Schnitttiefe von 55 mm und der Verfügbarkeit in verschiedenen Durchmessern ist sie ideal für Bauprojekte oder Renovierungen. In Kombination mit dem separat erhältlichen Spanndorn (Art. 3862000) ist die Bohrkrone durch mehrfach aufeinanderfolgende Bohrungen auch für tiefe Bohrungen und Durchbruchbohrungen geeignet. Über den Sechskant-Schaft lässt sie sich schnell im Bohrfutter Ihrer Bohrmaschine arretieren. Ein Zentrierbohrer (Ø 8 mm) erleichtert Ihnen die exakte Positionierung Ihrer Bohrung. Damit Sie sofort loslegen können, erhalten Sie die Bohrkrone bereits vormontiert. Die Bohrkrone ist TÜV-geprüft - Sie setzen somit auf ein sicheres Qualitätsprodukt.
for brick walls, bricks, breeze blocks, gypsum plaster boards, tiles
directly useable - no separate mandrel required
also suitable for deep boreholes
material: tungsten carbide coated
Dimensionsn. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.n. a.
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