Sanitary Sealant for Enamelled and Synthetic Surfaces Silicone Seal Beige 280ml Cartridge


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Rubson SA2C Sanitary Paint – The silicone putty against mould and mould can be used on all types of materials (enamel and synthetic) with the SA2C sanitary sealant from Rubson contains powerful anti-fungal agents, so that you avoid mould or yellow joints. This product is ideal for the production of seals in showers, bathtubs, hot tubs, siphons, B, for the production of joints between tiles and walls, floors and furniture in the kitchen or bathroom (melamine, postformated, etc.) and for finishing partitions (climate rooms, etc.). It is glazed on all non-porous materials, but also on materials. Synthetic or acrylic such as enamel, enamel sheet, ceramic, glass, earthenware, porcelain, resin, composite materials, etc. Resistant to temperature fluctuations (50° to +150°), does not shrink (only 3% volume loss after drying), highly elastic, ideal for professionals. On healthy, clean, dry and grease-free surface: extrude the sealant by pressing the product in front of the nozzle. The sealing cord should follow without air bubbles and the lips of the joint without overflow. Smooth with a suitable tool, such as the Rubson Cutter & Straightener. For larger joints with a width and/or depth of more than 10 mm, a sealing floor made of rot-proof material should be used. The extruder gun can be used manually or pneumatically. This cartridge is for approx. 11 metre cable. Dry in 48 hours. The advantages of the product in detail: reinforced with anti-fungal for seals that do not yellow to ensure a connection and seal between the elements exposed directly to water. Can be used on all non-porous materials, glazed, synthetic or acrylic materials. Resistant to temperature fluctuations and elastic. Smooth and shiny surface. Color:Beige Size: 1 x 280ml cartridge equivalent to approx. 11m gasket
Durable: particularly dense and reinforced with anti-fungus, this silicone product ensures durability and long-lasting whiteness of your seal in the bathroom or in the kitchen
Powerful, temperature resistant from -50 °C to +150 °C, very elastic, elongation at break approx. 370%
Packaging – Rubson SA2 sanitary, 2-in-1, based on acoustic silicone, cartridge 280 ml, beige silicone putty, 1 cartridge = approx. 11 metre seal


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