Sanitop-Wingenroth 24070 3 Tap Upper Part 3/8 Inch Triangular Hood Handle Marking Blue 3/8


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(as of Mar 18,2022 17:04:31 UTC – Details)

Sanitop-Wingenroth tap top 3/8 inch.

  • Sanitary top for two-handle fittings, replacement part for fittings, top valve, replacement handle.
  • Triangular handle.
  • Brass: robust, weather-resistant, rust-proof, durable.
  • Chrome-plated plastic: scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant.
  • Dimensions: 3/8 inch
  • Blue plate, blue cold water marking.
  • Easy to replace

Triangular hood handle for two-handle taps, 24070 3. Replacement part: your current tap handle broken or has its best times behind you? This part from Sanitiop-Wingenroth provides a quick remedy. The replacement handle is quick to order and easy to assemble. Triangular handle – who has not ever had difficulty turning the tap on or off with wet hands. This cannot happen to you with this practical triangular handle. Even with wet fingers, the handle can be easily gripped and turned in the desired direction. 3/8 connection: there is a matching lid for each pot and the right handle for each two-handle tap. So if you are looking for a replacement handle in 3/8 inches, this is just the thing for you. Brass – To ensure the product has a long service life, it has a brass core. The best feature of this material is corrosion resistance. This means the product is weatherproof and does not rust. CHROME – This plastic tap top combines practicality and look. This is ensured by the shiny chrome coating, which makes your tap an eye-catcher and is also easy to clean. As well as brass, the chrome surface offers protection against corrosion and rust. Installation: remove the old cold water handle (blue plate) and screw the new one into your two-handle tap – done.
Practical replacement handle: this replacement handle in 3/8 inch with blue plate for two-handle fittings is quick and easy to assemble. This allows you to replace the old cold water handle in no time!
Triangular handle: the sanitary top with triangular handle allows easy turning of the tap. Even wet hands find the necessary grip on the handle to turn it in the desired direction.
High-quality brass: thanks to the corrosion-resistant material, this model is ideal for all two-handle hot taps. Brass increases the life of the product
Chrome plated: scratch-proof, rust-proof and looks good. The chrome finish is easy to clean and looks great with all taps with the same coating. A shiny eye-catcher


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