Sanitop-Wingenroth Tap Hose for Connecting a Tap | Throw 3/8 Inch x 3/8 Inch x 200 mm | Flex Hose | Connection Hose Fitting | 19128 9


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Flexible tap hose, 20 cm long.

  • Sanitop-Wingenroth tap hose, connection hose, flexible hose, connection hose.
  • Flexible: also suitable for offset installation.
  • Stainless steel mesh: durable, rust-proof, pressure and corrosion resistant.
  • For screwing in.
  • 3/8 inch internal thread cover on both sides.
  • Comfortable length: 200 mm.
  • DVGW certification according to worksheet W 270.
  • KTW approval class A: complies with the German drinking water regulation.

Connection hose for taps, 19128 9.
Flexible handling: thanks to this Sanitop-Wingenroth connection hose, it is easy for you to supply water to your bathroom or kitchen. The length of 20 cm and the flexibility of the hose also allow an offset installation of the tap and angle valve. Stainless steel hose: stainless steel is characterised by its resistance, which benefits this tap hose. The robust material gives it a long service life, but it has a high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Rust has no chance. Common connection: the installation is quick and easy. Equipped with union nuts with 3/8 female thread on both sides, you can easily attach the flexible hose to the tap and angle valve. Screw in and it is said to march water! Drinking water safety: the processed material meets the strict requirements of the German drinking water regulation, according to the KTW guideline for hygienic assessment of organic materials in contact with drinking water. The DVGW also grades the material quality as hygienically harmless, tested according to worksheet W 270.
High flexibility: use the flexible hose to connect your tap. It creates a reliable connection between tap and angle valve, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. At the same time flexible and kink resistant, it also allows an offset installation.
Robust stainless steel: coated with a high-quality, flexible stainless steel mesh, the connection hose proves to be extremely durable and corrosion and pressure resistant. Thanks to the material, it remains rust-proof and can be used for a long time.
Effortless assembly: the 20 cm long connection hose has a throw on both sides with an internal thread in the standard size of 3/8 inch. It can be easily connected.
DVGW certified: your safety is ensured. Tested by DVGW, the hose meets the highest hygiene and quality standards and is therefore suitable for drinking water installation. Thanks to the KTW approval, it complies with the German drinking water regulation.


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