Tap Top 1/2 Inch Valve Top Tap Valve Insert Top for Bathroom Kitchen


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The discs are made of copper and ceramic.
Both discs are suitable for both hot and cold water.
Fits most kitchen and bathroom taps with double handles.
20 gears on spline which are also drilled and threaded for a 4mm screw.
The red rubber disc valve rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise for tapping This valve with red rubber O-ring is usually used on the right side.
The blue rubber disc valve rotates counterclockwise to turn on and turn off clockwise. This valve with blue rubber O-ring is usually used on the left side.

Total height: 45 mm.
Width: 23 mm.
Waist to base spacing: 24 mm / 0.94 inches.
Spline shaft diameter: 8.2 mm / 0.32 inches.
Number of teeth on wedge: 20 / 0.79 inches.
Base diameter:18mm
Waist diameter: 23 mm;
Turn on: counter-clockwise / clockwise (see image)
BSP 1/2 inch thread.
Rubber O-ring bottom
Material: Copper
Colour: red and blue at random.

Package contents:
1 x copper ceramic plate valve.

20 gears on splined teeth, which are also drilled and equipped with thread to fit even a 4 mm screw
Clockwise (blue) and counter-clockwise (red) to turn on the tap
Suitable for washbasin taps in bathroom, kitchen etc. Suitable for hot and cold water
Total height: 45 mm; width: 23 mm; thread size G 1/2 inch BSP


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