Tesnit®BA202 Sealing Rings Set of 100 in Seven Types (3/8 Inch to 1 ½ Inch) for Sanitary, Solar, Gas, Water, Heating, Garden, Pipeline


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Why choose our sealing rings set?
1. The flat seal set is made of high-quality Tesnit BA-202, which have good sealing performance and high temperature resistance.

2. Suitable for sealing fittings, valves, pipes and accessories to prevent leakage, flange 3/4 inch, seal 1 inch, butane gas, pressure regulator.

3. Comes with a storage case that keeps each size separate and well organised.

4 x 255 x 7 popular sizes seals meet almost all your needs.

5. With the Vargort seal assortment you have all standard fibre seals from 3/8 inch to 2 inch at hand.

They are gas-tight and solar suitable up to + 200 °C according to the requirements for gaskets for the gas supply.

Flat seal 3/4 inch
pump seal
faucet seal
klingerit seal
1 inch seal
Extreme resistance: flat seal, which consists of aramid, glass, organic, inorganic or carbon fibres, NBR rubber as binding agent and various fillers, its very high strength values makes it resistant to oils, solvents, alcohols and organic acids. Usually seal water meter, pump seal, flange 3/4 inch, seal 3/4 inch, flat seal 1 inch, seals sanitary, suitable for gas heating.
Safety: the flat seals set guarantee a high degree of cold flexibility as well as chemical resistance to vegetable and animal oils, silicones diluted alkalis, acids at room temperature, petrol, butane gas, water, solvents.
Something individually made: the sealing rings set facilitate connection construction and the installation of the seal to solve unexpected problems at home or in the production centre such as gas leaks or oil loss, water leaks, water tap, pump seal, water supply, designed to bring your safety, friends, family and employees
Vargort promise sealing rings set, made in Europe, 255-piece assortment consisting of various sealing rings, suitable for all seals in the sanitary area, optimal equipment for home, hobby and workshop, quick sorting after use, secure closing thanks to clip fasteners, compact size is easy to store


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