UHU 47845 Poly Max Power Tube, Transparent, 115 g


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UHU the all-purpose adhesive

People of all ages, in a wide range of life situations and professionals, users in a wide range of areas, whether private or commercial, know UHU and see the problem solver for all adhesive cases in the home, hobby, school and work. UHU has accompanied most since nursery and school.

Success in creative activities, whether on its own or in a family run, in technical work in class or in the team, in model building projects at home or in the club or for DIY as well as in professional use in production, in repairs and maintenance, characterise the positive setting of the UHU brand.



Very fast strength increase very high final strength durable elastic can be used indoors and outdoors paintable (test first) joint filling temperature resistant between -40 °C and + 100 °C waterproof and resistant to all weather conditions 100% self-adhesive (does not deform) sticks to slightly damp surfaces very well even without primer.

Tube 115 g crystal clear. Universal, transparent mounting adhesive and sealant with fast strength wax.

Suitable for:

Adhesive: e.g. Glass, stone, natural stone, concrete, plaster, many plastics, wood, chipboard, trespa, iron, aluminium, zinc, steel, stainless steel and many other metals, ceramic tiles, cork and mirrors. Attached: e.g. Skirting boards, slats, window sills, door sills, roof edges, building boards, insulation materials, plasterboard, polystyrene ornaments and decorative frames. Sealing: e.g. Skirting boards (plastic), window frames, stairs, window sills, door thresholds and drywall walls. Also suitable for sealing cracks in walls and ceilings.

100% transparent
Very high final strength
Solvent-free, acid-free, odourless


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